A Letter to America A Letter to America: A wake up call for all Americans
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“Wise, timely, and constructive views from one of the leading public servants and educators of our time. This book should be read, re-read, and passed along to all who care about our country and its future.”
David McCullough
Pulitzer Prize-winning author of John Adams

“Here now is the letter to us all, the one we have been waiting for—and sorely need. It is a message of alarm but also of hope. Our problems as Americans are huge but most are of our own making and thus capable of our own fixing. I say, Amen, David Boren.”
Jim Lehrer
Executive Editor, The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer

“David Boren’s unique insights present us with a summons to action. Not all that he suggests will be palatable, but all should be debated. Above all, his letter calls us back from the precipice of narrow self-interest to the solid ground of the public good.”
Ruth Simmons
President of Brown University

“A powerful, compelling analysis of the major crises facing the United States today. Treating each crisis in a nonpartisan, compassionate way, and believing that ‘we Americans are natural problem solvers,’ Boren suggests excellent solutions for the well-being of our own and future generations of Americans.”
Howard R. Lamar
former President of Yale University

“David Boren defines our nation’s challenges with clarity, common sense, and courage. Americans concerned about the country their children and grandchildren will find Boren’s diagnosis and prescriptions refreshing, compelling—and inspiring.”
Sam Nunn
U.S. Senator from Georgia, 1972–1997

“A must-read for anyone in a leadership position or those who envision such a career path.”
The Norman Transcript

A Letter to America should be read by everyone concerned about the future of this republic. It should also be required reading for every elected government official.” 
The Edmond Sun

"A bold and ambitious call to action to regain the world’s respect that deserves serious consideration by all Americans."
The Hill

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